Let's Mural It Up!

A while back, I got this zany idea to completely overhaul the loft office space in my house. It is a great space with lots of light and an open floor plan, which I loved. However, I wasn't sure what to do with the large wall space that spans the bottom of our crazy "ladder-stairs-of-death" on the second floor to the top of the loft space on the third floor. 

For months, this space was a blank, stark white wall - which I despised. But, then it hit me after a night out for drinks at my favorite local wine bar. The space is perfect for a large, abstract art wall mural - much like the one that can be viewed in said wine bar. Shortly after, I got to work and the results were spectacular. The best part is that I used all of the leftover paint colors that I used throughout my house and it really helped to unite the open space to the rest of the house and now we have a huge piece of art to enjoy on a daily basis. I completely recommend this process for a great way to liven up any space! 

Here are the results:

Before: Blank wall space, open to below

During: The sketching and base layers of paint

After: The finished abstract art mural wall

Some close-up detail

Viola! Instant art gallery!