Quick Fix: The Little Red [H&M] Dress

Before: Fun but simple

I bought this cute, little red mini-dress last summer from H&M during a weekend in Atlantic City. The dress is made of micro-corduroy, so it aptly reminded me of the cheesy red carpet in our casino. I knew that I had to have it - solely for that reason and no other!

As it would turn out, I ended up liking the dress more than I originally thought and I have since found several ways to dress it/up down from "cheesy-red carpet status" by adding a belt, a cardigan or a collared shirt underneath. Despite the bevy options, my favorite way to change the dress (thus far) came to me this weekend as I was organizing some of my art materials. At that moment, I came across an envelope containing flower pins I created for wedding escort cards. I was inspired by the way the pins were bunched together, creating a large, fabric flower conglomeration. Ah, innovation! I knew they would look great on the dress, so I plucked out ten turquoise pins and strategically placed them on the little-red-dress-that-could. 

Here are the results:

After: Great date-night dress


Sidenote: You can find these pins in my ETSY shop if you want to give-it-a-go on one of your own outfits. Tutorial on how to make your own flower pins in the near future.