Crocheted Hanger Glory

A few weeks ago, I found a huge lot (The photo shows only a few of them!) of these glorious, crocheted hangers at a flea market for $1. They immediately reminded me of something I would find in my favorite store, so I gobbled them up, brought them home and used them to hang up my new stash of clothes I purchased from said store. Immediately, I was hooked to these simple hanger contraptions. My clothes (including tanks and dresses) didn't fall off the hanger onto my closet floor, there were no weird marks anywhere on my clothing from the hanger and everything in my closet just looked so darned cute. It was as if I had my very own retail store, right there in my own closet. What girl doesn't love that?

All this joy over hangers (Strange, I know!) got me to thinking, these beauties were mostly likely created by some sweet, elderly woman so I knew that it would be difficult to find more. However, I didn't get discouraged and was able to find a simple crochet tutorial online at Redux Designs which will help you through the process of making your own. Lovely!