Manayunk Arts Festival Finds

I'm very proud to say that I live in a very fun, hip and pseudo-yuppie neighborhood in Philadelphia! With that being said, we often have fun events but none get more excited than the Manayunk Arts Festival. Since I missed the past two years due to travel, I was even more excited about this year's festival. (Seriously! I was like a kid at Christmas.)

After walking the booths several times over both days of the festival, my fiance and I made some fun purchases from some of the standout artists/artisans. Here's are some of our favorite purchases: 

Soap Fish Pottery by Cat Audette Holt and Rich Holt of ClayMonster

What can I say. Who doesn't love clay shaped monsters? These were a total hit with me (I bought a few pieces!) and with fair-goers. Too much fun. 

Gouache Illustrations by Greg Stones
L to R - "Moon Sheep," "Zombies Hate Clowns," "Barn & Robot," "12 Penguins, 1 Cannon" 

Loved, loved, loved this dark humored artist and so did fair-goers! (He won first place overall at the festival.) I'm not sure what was a bigger hit with me - penguins shooting themselves out of cannons (or battling with light sabers) or the serene landscapes being attacked in the distance by robots and monsters. Needless to say, we bought several prints and grabbed a business card so we can build our collection of "zombies, robots & nudes." 

Photography by Nick Leh

We picked up a great vintage "Princess" motel print from this super-talented local photographer!