Trout Shout-out! (A.K.A. The Trout-out!)

That's right... TROUT! 

I eat most kinds of fish even though I'm technically a vegetarian (or if you want to get even more technical, you can use the snobby "pescatarian" term). However, when it comes to trout, I always freeze up a bit about putting it on my dinner plate. 

Why? Well, years ago when I was a "SKOOK," (If you don't understand the reference, you're not from Schuylkill County, PA!) I would go fishing with my parents and grandparents to "The Whipporwill" and what did we catch? Trout. Red, Coleman beverage coolers full of trout! I can still remember my family frying up the fish and I wouldn't go near them with a ten foot pole. Perhaps it was the taste or the fact that we caught them ourselves or even the location we caught the fish, but I just plain despised trout! 

Fast forward 18 years and I wearily decided to give trout another chance thanks to Martha. This time around, I purchased my from Whole Foods fish section and prayed that the fish didn't come from "The Whippy." (My luck, it probably did!) Anyway, here are the dinner results:

The Apéritif: Cherry Beer
Rating: 7
Tweaks: Used Whole Foods Tart Cherry Juice in lieu of Cherry nectar.
Comments: Nice, refreshing summer drink and a great way to spruce up a regular, old Stella Artois!
Dinner: Cornmeal-Fried Trout w/ Tomato, Sorrel & Basil Panzanella
Rating: 8
Comments: I dug this recipe, A LOT! The panzanella (which was like a bread salad) helped to bring out the flavor in the trout. I was really surprised how good this was and would definitely make it again. Now, only if my "other-half" felt the same way!
Dessert: Almond-Apricot Tart w/ Whipped Cream
Rating: 6
Tweaks: I used rum and almond flavoring since I didn't have amaretto on hand.
Comments: This tart didn't really do it for me - partly because I'm not a big dessert person and partly because it  didn't involve chocolate! Nonetheless, the homemade whipped cream was awesome. It reminded me of when I first learned how to make whipped cream as a waitress at one of my favorite restaurants, The Greystone. To die for! I think my fiance and I could have eaten the entire bowl and slipped into a whipped cream coma. Joy :)


Megs said...

It all looks delicious!! Did you sneak a Coke in with this meal???