May Round-up!

Well... The month of May came and went. I can hardly believe it. 

My first month as a "Martha-be" was overall successful. I almost, kind of, feel like a cook now... Well, maybe. Perhaps, I just learned how to follow recipes better, so I'm not sure if that counts. I also made more time for home projects which was completely rewarding. So, wherever you are, thank you Martha!

Since my last post, I completed a few more (but not all!) recipes in the May MS Living - including the Lentil Arugula Salad, which was amazing! I would definitely give it a 9 on the rating scale. 

Additionally, my fiance and I took on a few home projects in the month of May, including the repainting (staining?) of our small-ish back deck and potting some greenery and herbs in our urban concrete jungle. This is now one of my favorite spaces in our city-home, even though when we were painting we absolutely despised the shockingly terracotta paint color. By adding some plants and our furniture, it changed the space significantly and we both love the change. I think Martha would be proud... Enjoy!

Woo hoo! Herb garden :)