My Two Favorites Battle It Out: Martha v. Anthropolgie

I've been blogging so much about Martha's food, I barely had time to squeeze in a Martha craft project. However, when I saw this month's MS Living, I knew that the Felted Soap project was one that I had to try.


Well it's no surprise to anyone that knows me that my favorite store by far is Anthropologie. I mean, I'm absolutely obsessed to the point that I save their catalogues for inspiration! On top of that, years ago I was almost kicked out of the Anthro for taking pictures inside it for design ideas. I quickly learned my lesson and now I just visit the stores on a weekly basis and daydream about landing my dream job as a buyer as I wander throughout the store for hours. 

On one of these trips, I came across Fiat Luxe's Felted Soap and I had to have it. Despite the $14 price tag, I truly appreciated the innovative idea of soap and a washcloth all-in-one! I brought it home, tried it, loved it and then thought..."this has to be so easy to make!" As it turns out, it is and Martha featured the full how-to in the June MS Living. Score!